We offer computer & software sales, networking and on-site support for clients in Bristol, Greeneville
and Elizabethton.

  • On Site Repair

    On Site Repair

    Our technicians will come to your home or business to repair your computers and peripherals, saving you time and money.
  • Malware Protection and Removal

    Malware Protection and Removal

    Got bugs? Our technicians will come to your site and remove them, putting your PC's back in good order.
  • Data Backup and Recovery

    Data Backup and Recovery

    Protect your critical business data against hard drive failures with our disc backup plans, and flash drives. We can also help you recover data from crashed hard drives.
  • Network Design and Installation

    Network Design and Installation

    Whether you need a new network or want to expand your existing one, Computer Pros can help you get the job done quickly and cost effectively.


Computer Pros provides computer repair and networking services to the Tricities Metropolitan Area of Virginia and Tennessee.  

We have stores in Bristol, Virginia, Greeneville, Tennessee and Elizabethton, Tennessee. Our mobile technicians will make site calls to your home or business in Johnson City, TN and Kinsport, TN and Abingdon, VA.

Whether you need to buy new hardware, or maintain and repair your existing hardware, Computer Pros can meet your needs.

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  • Computer Repair

    Each of our stores have repair facilities.  When your computer suffers a hard-disk crash or other hardware problems, we can usually repair it for far less than the price of replacing it with a new one.

  • Malware Removal

    Has your PC gotten infected by a virus?  Computer Pros technicians can remove the malicious software and protect your PC from re-infection.

  • Network Installation

    When you need a home or office network, Computer Pros can recommend and install the best equipment to meet your needs.

  • On-Site Computer Repair

    We have technicians on call who can visit your location and diagnose the problem.  In some cases we can repair the problem on the spot.  In others we can take your hardware back to our store for repairs and deliver it to you when it has been fixed.

  • TV Repair

    Computer Pros can repair your television and DVD player.

  • Laptop Repair

    We repair broken laptops and laptop LCD screens.

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