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At Computer Pros, we're dedicated to providing you with the best IT services available.

Whether it be installing and managing a server, offering on-site support, or setting up your computer at home, we're here for you.

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What We Do

We are a full service computer and electronics repair center. We carry a large inventory of parts in stock for same day repairs when needed. We can fix your home computer or come out to your business to help with a server problem. We are the region's leading laptop repair facility performing even the most detailed repairs which can save a significant amount of money by repairing a board rather than replacing it. We also fix mobile phones.

One of the greatest advantages of purchasing products and services from Computer Pros is that we are a local American owned company that stands behind our products and services. In the event that you need technical support or warranty service, we are just a short drive or telephone call away. When you call us you will always get a real person and not an automated system.

In-Store Service

Most computers fixed for less than $150! We also provide used and new computer sales in our fully stocked showroom.

On-Site Service

With Computer Pros, you're not dealing with overseas support. If there's a problem, we'll come to you.

Fully Stocked Showroom

We keep all the commonly used computer and networking parts in stock to keep you up and running with minimal downtime.


Unsure whether you need a just few computers or a custom-built server? Or maybe you've got security concerns. No matter the problem, we'll spend time with you and find the best solution for your business.


Access your email from anywhere in the world with our email hosting complete with webmail and Exchange capability that works with all your phones, tablets, and computers.

Remote Security And Support

We want to prevent downtime for your business. If there's a problem, we can have it solved before it impacts your business. Monitoring allows us to spot potential problems before they happen - saving you money and downtime in the process.

Where Are We?

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Bristol, VA

(276) 642-0222

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